When planning for an emergency include provisions for your pets.

- Have a safe place to take your pets, especially in case an evacuation is ordered.

- Remember: During an evacuation, American Red Cross disaster shelters cannot accept pets. Service animals who assist people with disabilities are the only animals allowed in Red Cross shelters.

- Plan now, before an emergency, to find out whether friends, relatives or pet-friendly hotels can shelter your animals in the event of a disaster. Keep a list of pet-friendly places, including phone numbers, with your other disaster supplies.

- Assemble a pet disaster supply kit

- Know what to do when a disaster approaches


Being prepared for a disaster can save your pets' lives. Most importantly, if you must evacuate, do not leave your animals behind. We recommend that you keep the following items in a secure easy to reach location, such as inside your pet carriers, ready to grab and go:

-A week's supply of food, water, litter and pan bowls, sealed in water-proof containers

- Current ID tags on your pet at all times (we recommend microchipping all pets, ask your vet for details)

- Current color photos (in case your pet is lost) and pre-made lost posters, preferably with a cell phone number and out-of-area alternate contact

- A list of safe places to take your pets, including hotels within driving distance that accept pets

- If you do leave your pets at home, print out the emergency sticker and post it on your front door to notify emergency response teams.